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Sura 33
Aya 8
لِيَسأَلَ الصّادِقينَ عَن صِدقِهِم ۚ وَأَعَدَّ لِلكافِرينَ عَذابًا أَليمًا

Yusuf Ali

That (God) may question the (Custodians) of Truth concerning the Truth they (were charged with):1 And He has prepared for the Unbelievers a grievous Penalty.
  • The men to whom God’s Truth has been committed for promulgation will be asked in the Hereafter how the Truth fared in the world—how it was received, who opposed it, and who assisted it. Like all trustees, they will have to give a full account of their trust. God knows all, and it will not add to His information. But it will be evidence for and against those to whom it was preached, so that the responsibility of those who dishonoured it may be duly enforced. The primary custodians of spiritual Truth are the Prophets, but in descending degrees all men to whom God’s Message comes are included.