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Sura 74
Aya 32
كَلّا وَالقَمَرِ

Yusuf Ali

Nay, verily: By the Moon,1
  • An oath in human speech calls in evidence something sacred in the heart of man. In God’s Message, also, when delivered in human language, solemn emphasis is indicated by an appeal to something striking among the Signs of God, which will go straight to the human heart which is addressed. In each case the symbol of the appeal has reference to the particular point enforced in the argument. Here we are asked to contemplate three wonderful phenomena, and they lead up to the conclusion in verse 38. (1) The moon, next after the sun, is the most striking luminary to our sight. Its reflected light has for us even a greater mystery than the direct light of the sun, which looks to us like pure fire. The moon was worshipped as a deity in times of darkness. But in reality, though she rules the night, her rays are only reflections, and are wanting in warmth and vitality. So every soul which looks up to a mere creature of God for a sort of vicarious salvation is in spiritual darkness of error; for the true source of spiritual light and life is God, and God alone. For (2) the Night and (3) the Dawn, see the following note.