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Sura 15
Aya 8
ما نُنَزِّلُ المَلائِكَةَ إِلّا بِالحَقِّ وَما كانوا إِذًا مُنظَرينَ

Muhammad Asad

[Yet] We never send down angels otherwise than in accordance with the [demands of] truth;1 and [were the angels to appear now,] lo! they [who reject this divine writ] would have no further respite!2
  • Sc., "and not just to satisfy a frivolous demand of people who - refuse to consider a prophetic message on its merits". Moreover - as is evident from the next clause - an actual appearance of the angels to ordinary men would but presage the Day of Judgment (described in 78:39 as "the Day of Ultimate Truth") and, thus, the doom of the deniers of the truth spoken of here.
  • Cf. 6:8 - "had We sent down an angel, all would indeed have been decided", i.e., the Day of Judgment would have come.