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Sura 7
Aya 93
فَتَوَلّىٰ عَنهُم وَقالَ يا قَومِ لَقَد أَبلَغتُكُم رِسالاتِ رَبّي وَنَصَحتُ لَكُم ۖ فَكَيفَ آسىٰ عَلىٰ قَومٍ كافِرينَ

Bijan Moeinian

When Shu'aib decided to leave that [doomed] place, he said: "O my people, I delivered the message of my Lord to you and I warned you [as your well-wisher about the consequences of your rebellion.] How can feel bad about what happened to the people who choose to disbelieve.