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Sura 7
Aya 93
فَتَوَلّىٰ عَنهُم وَقالَ يا قَومِ لَقَد أَبلَغتُكُم رِسالاتِ رَبّي وَنَصَحتُ لَكُم ۖ فَكَيفَ آسىٰ عَلىٰ قَومٍ كافِرينَ


But Shu'aib had warned them beforehand of the impending danger, and when he was met with defiance, he relinquished the prospects of their conformity to Islam. When heaven avenged its own right, he turned away expressing his thoughts in words, thus: "My people", he said, "I conveyed to you Allah's message and his warning and advised you against disobedience to Allah and I announced the event, therefore how can I grieve over people who obstinately denied Allah! "