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Sura 7
Aya 2
كِتابٌ أُنزِلَ إِلَيكَ فَلا يَكُن في صَدرِكَ حَرَجٌ مِنهُ لِتُنذِرَ بِهِ وَذِكرىٰ لِلمُؤمِنينَ


(O Esteemed Beloved!) This is the Book (that) has been revealed to you. So, let there be no feeling of constriction in your (illumined) breast (on thinking of the disbelievers’ belying and denying the promulgation of its message. This has been revealed with the sole purpose) that by means of it you may warn (the ones who deny), and it (provides) direction and guidance to the believers.