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Sura 6
Aya 126
وَهٰذا صِراطُ رَبِّكَ مُستَقيمًا ۗ قَد فَصَّلنَا الآياتِ لِقَومٍ يَذَّكَّرونَ

Muhammad Asad

And undeviating is this thy Sustainer's way.1 Clearly, indeed, have We spelled out these messages unto people who [are willing to] take them to heart!
  • Lit., "and this thy Sustainer's way is straight" - i.e., unchanging in its application of the law of cause and effect to man's inner life as well.- The term rijs occurring in the preceding sentence, and rendered by me as "horror", signifies anything that is intrinsically loathsome, horrible or abominable; in this case, it would seem to denote that awesome feeling of utter futility which, sooner or later, overcomes everyone who does not believe that life has meaning and purpose.