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Sura 6
Aya 100
وَجَعَلوا لِلَّهِ شُرَكاءَ الجِنَّ وَخَلَقَهُم ۖ وَخَرَقوا لَهُ بَنينَ وَبَناتٍ بِغَيرِ عِلمٍ ۚ سُبحانَهُ وَتَعالىٰ عَمّا يَصِفونَ

Muhammad Qadri

And it is He Who sends down water from the sky; so with it We produced all things that grow; hence We produce from it vegetation from which We bring forth grains in clusters; and from the pollen of dates, dense bunches - and gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates, similar in some ways and unlike in some; look at its fruit when it bears yield, and its ripening; indeed in it are signs for the people who believe.