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Sura 5
Aya 104
وَإِذا قيلَ لَهُم تَعالَوا إِلىٰ ما أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ وَإِلَى الرَّسولِ قالوا حَسبُنا ما وَجَدنا عَلَيهِ آباءَنا ۚ أَوَلَو كانَ آباؤُهُم لا يَعلَمونَ شَيئًا وَلا يَهتَدونَ

Bijan Moeinian

When it is said to them: “Follow the laws of the Lord which is revealed to the Prophet,” they reply: “We prefer to follow our forefathers way of life [even though it implies nonsense such as the above mentioned practices.]” What if their forefathers knew nothing and their “way of life” would lead them nowhere?