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Sura 34
Aya 54
وَحيلَ بَينَهُم وَبَينَ ما يَشتَهونَ كَما فُعِلَ بِأَشياعِهِم مِن قَبلُ ۚ إِنَّهُم كانوا في شَكٍّ مُريبٍ

Muhammad Asad

And so, a barrier will be set between them and all that they had [ever] desired,1 as will be done to such of their kind as lived before their time: for, behold, they [too were lost in doubt amounting to suspicion.2
  • Thus, the impossibility of attaining to the fulfilment of any of their desires - whether positive or negative - sums up, as it were, the suffering of the damned in the life to come.
  • I.e., a suspicion that all moral postulates were but meant to deprive them of what they considered to be the "legitimate advantages" of life in this world.