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Sura 33
Aya 33
وَقَرنَ في بُيوتِكُنَّ وَلا تَبَرَّجنَ تَبَرُّجَ الجاهِلِيَّةِ الأولىٰ ۖ وَأَقِمنَ الصَّلاةَ وَآتينَ الزَّكاةَ وَأَطِعنَ اللَّهَ وَرَسولَهُ ۚ إِنَّما يُريدُ اللَّهُ لِيُذهِبَ عَنكُمُ الرِّجسَ أَهلَ البَيتِ وَيُطَهِّرَكُم تَطهيرًا

Yusuf Ali

And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey1 God and His Apostle. And God only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye Members2 of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.
  • Obedience to God’s Law sums up all duties. Regular Prayer (seeking nearness to God) and Regular Charity (doing good to fellow-creatures) are mentioned as specially symbolical of our Religion.
  • Notice the transition in this clause to the masculine gender, while before this the verbs and pronouns were in the feminine gender as referring to the Consorts. The statement in this clause is now more general including (besides the Consorts) the whole family, namely Ḥadhrat Fāṭima the daughter, Ḥadhrat ʿAlī the son-in-law, and their sons Ḥasan and Ḥusain, the beloved grandsons of the Prophet. The masculine gender is used generally, in speaking of a mixed assembly of men and women.