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Sura 10
Aya 90
۞ وَجاوَزنا بِبَني إِسرائيلَ البَحرَ فَأَتبَعَهُم فِرعَونُ وَجُنودُهُ بَغيًا وَعَدوًا ۖ حَتّىٰ إِذا أَدرَكَهُ الغَرَقُ قالَ آمَنتُ أَنَّهُ لا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الَّذي آمَنَت بِهِ بَنو إِسرائيلَ وَأَنا مِنَ المُسلِمينَ

Bijan Moeinian

Eventually, I led the children of Israel across the [Red] sea. Then Pharaoh and his army followed them [through the passage opened in the sea] with the hostile intention. When Pharaoh was drowning [due to the closure of the passage by the permission of the Lord], he said: “Now I believe that there is no deity but the Lord in whom the children of Israel have believed. Thus, I declare myself to be a Muslim (submitted to the commandments of God.)”