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Sura 10
Aya 73
فَكَذَّبوهُ فَنَجَّيناهُ وَمَن مَعَهُ فِي الفُلكِ وَجَعَلناهُم خَلائِفَ وَأَغرَقنَا الَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِآياتِنا ۖ فَانظُر كَيفَ كانَ عاقِبَةُ المُنذَرينَ

Muhammad Asad

And yet they gave him the lie! And so We saved him and all who stood by him, in the ark, and made them inherit [the earth],1 the while We caused those who gave the lie to Our messages to drown:2 behold, then, what happened in the end to those people who had been warned [in vain]!
  • I.e., "made them outlive [the others]" (Zamakhshari). As regards the allegorical rendering of khala'if (sing. khalif or khalifah) adopted by me, see Sarah 2, note 22.
  • See surah 7, note 47.