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Sura 10
Aya 39
بَل كَذَّبوا بِما لَم يُحيطوا بِعِلمِهِ وَلَمّا يَأتِهِم تَأويلُهُ ۚ كَذٰلِكَ كَذَّبَ الَّذينَ مِن قَبلِهِم ۖ فَانظُر كَيفَ كانَ عاقِبَةُ الظّالِمينَ

Muhammad Qadri

And this noble Qur’an is not such that anyone can invent it, without Allah revealing it - but it surely is a confirmation of the Books preceding it and is an explanation of all that is written on the (preserved) tablet - there is no doubt in it - it is from the Lord Of The Creation.