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Sura 10
Aya 28
وَيَومَ نَحشُرُهُم جَميعًا ثُمَّ نَقولُ لِلَّذينَ أَشرَكوا مَكانَكُم أَنتُم وَشُرَكاؤُكُم ۚ فَزَيَّلنا بَينَهُم ۖ وَقالَ شُرَكاؤُهُم ما كُنتُم إِيّانا تَعبُدونَ

Ali Unal

On that Day We will raise them all to life and gather them all together, and then We will order those who associated partners with God: "Get to your place, you and your (so-called) associates (of God)!" So did We distinguish between them and the believers, and separate them from their associates. Their associates say to them: "It was not us that you worshipped.