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Sura 74
Aya 39
إِلّا أَصحابَ اليَمينِ

Ali Unal

Except the people of the Right (the people of happiness and prosperity who receive their Records in their right hands. God will forgive them and reward them with much more than they earned).1
  • Believing in God and obedience to Him in His commandments are among God’s rights upon human beings, so everyone is held in pledge by God as they are duty-bound to fulfill this right of God upon them. Those who fulfill this duty are released, while others are kept in Hell. The Qur’ān classifies people into three groups, according to whether they have fulfilled this duty or not, and according to the degree of its fulfillment (see 56: 7–10). In addition to the two groups mentioned in this sūrah (namely, the people of the Right and the disbelieving criminals [the people of the Left]), there are those foremost in faith and good deeds, and in serving God’s cause; they will be the foremost (in receiving and enjoying God’s mercy). Since they are the nearest to God and constant in faith and good deeds – a and as they will, therefore, be exempt from being tried in the Supreme Court in the Hereafter (37: 128) – they are not mentioned in the verses discussed.