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Sura 30
Aya 9
أَوَلَم يَسيروا فِي الأَرضِ فَيَنظُروا كَيفَ كانَ عاقِبَةُ الَّذينَ مِن قَبلِهِم ۚ كانوا أَشَدَّ مِنهُم قُوَّةً وَأَثارُوا الأَرضَ وَعَمَروها أَكثَرَ مِمّا عَمَروها وَجاءَتهُم رُسُلُهُم بِالبَيِّناتِ ۖ فَما كانَ اللَّهُ لِيَظلِمَهُم وَلٰكِن كانوا أَنفُسَهُم يَظلِمونَ

George Sale

Do they not pass through the earth, and see what hath been the end of those who were before them? They excelled the Meccans in strength, and broke up the earth, and inhabited it in greater affluence and prosperity than they inhabit the same: And their apostles came unto them with evident miracles; and God was not disposed to treat them unjustly, but they injured their own souls by their obstinate infidelity;