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Sura 9
Aya 47
لَو خَرَجوا فيكُم ما زادوكُم إِلّا خَبالًا وَلَأَوضَعوا خِلالَكُم يَبغونَكُمُ الفِتنَةَ وَفيكُم سَمّاعونَ لَهُم ۗ وَاللَّهُ عَليمٌ بِالظّالِمينَ

Syed V. Ahamed

If they had come out with you, they would not have added to your (strength) but only (have created) disorder, going here and there in your middle and causing rebellion among you, and there would be some from you who would listen to them. But Allah knows well those who do wrong.