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Sura 79
Aya 10
يَقولونَ أَإِنّا لَمَردودونَ فِي الحافِرَةِ

Yusuf Ali

They say (now): “What! shall we indeed be1 returned to (our) former state?
  • The Unbelievers say now, in their arrogance, insolence, and mocking defiance: “Surely death here is the end of all things! When we are dead and buried, and our bones are rotten, how can we be restored again?” They add, “If that were so, then we should indeed be in a turn of dreadful luck! Instead of gaining by the Resurrection, we should be in terrible loss (with our rotten bones)!” They mean this in biting mockery. But there will indeed be an Account taken, and they will indeed be in a terrible loss, for they will go to perdition!