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Sura 74
Aya 56
وَما يَذكُرونَ إِلّا أَن يَشاءَ اللَّهُ ۚ هُوَ أَهلُ التَّقوىٰ وَأَهلُ المَغفِرَةِ

Muhammad Asad

But they [who do not believe in the life to come] will not take it to heart unless God so wills:1 [for] He is the Fount of all God-consciousness, and the Fount of all forgiveness.
  • Namely, unless He bestows His grace on them by making their minds and hearts receptive to the truth, so that they are compelled - from within themselves, as it were - to make the right choice. (See also note 11 on 81:28-29, as well as note 4 on 14:4.)