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Sura 6
Aya 63
قُل مَن يُنَجّيكُم مِن ظُلُماتِ البَرِّ وَالبَحرِ تَدعونَهُ تَضَرُّعًا وَخُفيَةً لَئِن أَنجانا مِن هٰذِهِ لَنَكونَنَّ مِنَ الشّاكِرينَ

Ali Unal

Say: "Who is it that saves you from the veils of darkness on land and the sea, (when) you call upon Him most humbly and in the secrecy of your hearts: ‘If You but save us from this (distress), we will most certainly be among the thankful (who turn to You in faith and righteousness)’?"