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Sura 6
Aya 150
قُل هَلُمَّ شُهَداءَكُمُ الَّذينَ يَشهَدونَ أَنَّ اللَّهَ حَرَّمَ هٰذا ۖ فَإِن شَهِدوا فَلا تَشهَد مَعَهُم ۚ وَلا تَتَّبِع أَهواءَ الَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِآياتِنا وَالَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ بِالآخِرَةِ وَهُم بِرَبِّهِم يَعدِلونَ

Bijan Moeinian

Say: "Bring those witnesses of yours who claim that God has prohibited such and such thing." If they [go so far that they] come up with such witnesses [who are willing to falsely testify,] Do not join them; you should never follow the vain desires of those who deny My Revelations [and come up with their own falsified commandments which they attribute to God,] do not believe in Hereafter and raise the others [such as Jesus Christ] to the level of God.