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Sura 57
Aya 14
يُنادونَهُم أَلَم نَكُن مَعَكُم ۖ قالوا بَلىٰ وَلٰكِنَّكُم فَتَنتُم أَنفُسَكُم وَتَرَبَّصتُم وَارتَبتُم وَغَرَّتكُمُ الأَمانِيُّ حَتّىٰ جاءَ أَمرُ اللَّهِ وَغَرَّكُم بِاللَّهِ الغَرورُ

Omar & Omar

These (hypocrites) will call out to these (believers), `Were we not with you (in the worldly life)?' They will reply, `Yes, but you let yourselves fall into temptations and you waited (uselessly for our destruction), and you doubted (about the truth). Infact, your vain desires deceived you till the decree of Allâh (about your punishment) came to be implemented. And the arch-deceiver deceived you in respect of Allâh.