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Sura 56
Aya 11
أُولٰئِكَ المُقَرَّبونَ

Ali Unal

Those are the ones near-stationed to God,1
  • Nearness to God means transcending corporeality and acquiring perfected spirituality, and, thereby, gaining proximity to God. It depends on true faith and can be acquired by doing whatever God has decreed as good and right. The obligatory and supererogatory religious duties, done with the consciousness that is their due, are like wings of light that carry one toward the “skies” of infinitude. A traveler to God enters new corridors leading to eternity on the wings of supererogatory duties, and is aware of being rewarded with new Divine gifts, which engender an even greater desire to do both the obligatory and the supererogatory duties. One awakened to this truth feels in his or her conscience the love of God in direct proportion to his or her love of God. God declares:
    My servant cannot come near to Me through anything else more lovable to Me than doing the obligatory religious duties. However, by doing supererogatory duties he comes nearer to Me, and when he comes nearer to Me, I will be his eyes to see with, his ears to hear with, his hands to grasp with, and his legs to walk on (al-Bukhārī, “Riqāq,” 38). That is, such a believer is directed to act by the Divine Will.