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Sura 52
Aya 6
وَالبَحرِ المَسجورِ

Yusuf Ali

And by the Ocean1 filled with Swell;-2
  • (5) The Ocean?the vast, limitless, all encircling Ocean?is the material symbol of the universal, unlimited, comprehensive nature of the invisible spiritual world. It is expressed to be masjur, full of a mighty swell, boiling over, poured forth all over the earth, as if overwhelming all landmarks; Cf. 81:6-a fitting description of the final disappearance of our temporal world in the supreme establishment of the Reality behind it.
  • This completes the five Signs or Symbols by which man may know for certain of the Judgment to come. Note that they are in a descending order?the highest, or most remote from man’s consciousness, being mentioned first, and that nearest to man’s consciousness being mentioned last. The truth of Revelation; its embodiment in a Prophet’s Message given in human language; the universal appeal of divine worship; the starry world above; and the encircling Ocean, full of life and motion below?all are evidences that the Day of God will finally come, and nothing can avert it. (R).