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Sura 51
Aya 22
وَفِي السَّماءِ رِزقُكُم وَما توعَدونَ

Ali Unal

And in the heaven there is your provision, and what you are promised.1
  • That is, whatever we have as provision is God’s favor, and because of its sublimity and worth, the Qur’ān states that it has descended from the heaven. In addition, since the earth is revived with rain after its death and everything we obtain from the earth needs rain, the Qur’ān sometimes uses rain to mean provision. As for what is meant by what you are promised, it is everything that God will grant as a reward for the good deeds of His servants, including, in particular, Paradise. Since these rewards are also purely God’s favors, they are sublime and, therefore, have their source in the heaven; or since heaven suggests sublimity, the Qur’ān tells us that their source is heaven.