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Sura 38
Aya 2
بَلِ الَّذينَ كَفَروا في عِزَّةٍ وَشِقاقٍ

Yusuf Ali

But the Unbelievers (are steeped) in Self-glory1 and Separatism.
  • The great root of Evil and Unbelief is Self-glory or Arrogance, as is pointed out in several places with regard to Satan: cf, below, 38:74-76. This leads to Envy and Separatism, or a desire to start a peculiar doctrine or sect of one’s own, instead of a desire to find common grounds of belief and life, which lead to the Religion of Unity in God. This teaching of Unity was what the Pagans objected to in the Prophet (verse 5 below)!