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Sura 36
Aya 56
هُم وَأَزواجُهُم في ظِلالٍ عَلَى الأَرائِكِ مُتَّكِئونَ

Muhammad Asad

in happiness will they and their spouses on couches recline;1
  • In the Qur'anic descriptions of paradise, the term zill ("shade") and its plural zilal is often used as a metaphor for "happiness" - thus, for instance, in 4:57, where zill zalil signifies "happiness abounding" (see surah 4, note 74) - while the "couches" on which the blessed are to recline are obviously a symbol of inner fulfilment and peace of mind, as pointed out by Razi in his comments on 18:31 and 55:54.