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Sura 36
Aya 29
إِن كانَت إِلّا صَيحَةً واحِدَةً فَإِذا هُم خامِدونَ

Ali Unal

It was but a single blast only, and see! They were extinguished.1
  • Although some verses (3: 124–125; 8: 9; 33: 9) state that God Almighty sent hosts of angels and invisible hosts from the heaven, they came for positive, important purposes, namely, to encourage and reinforce the believers in their struggle against the disbelieving, unjust peoples, and to acclaim their victory. God does not send hosts to destroy wicked, criminal people; rather He destroys them with a catastrophe. The three angels He sent before the destruction of the people of the Prophet Lot, upon him be peace, were not “a host” and had other purposes, like giving Abraham the glad tiding of the birth of Isaac, upon them both be peace. Lot’s people were destroyed with a blast and a rain of stones, even though God employed these angels in that task, as it is His way to employ angels in every event in the universe.