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Sura 32
Aya 12
وَلَو تَرىٰ إِذِ المُجرِمونَ ناكِسو رُءوسِهِم عِندَ رَبِّهِم رَبَّنا أَبصَرنا وَسَمِعنا فَارجِعنا نَعمَل صالِحًا إِنّا موقِنونَ

George Sale

If thou couldest see, when the wicked shall bow down their heads before their Lord, saying, O Lord, we have seen, and have heard: Suffer us therefore to return into the world, and we will work that which is right; since we are now certain of the truth of what hath been preached to us: Thou wouldst see an amazing sight.