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Sura 27
Aya 1

Chapter 27

The Antsal-Naml ( النمل )

93 verses • revealed at Meccan

»The surah that speaks of the Valley of The Ants, through which the hosts of the prophet Solomon were once marching, wherein God miraculously enabled Solomon to hear one of them as she warned the other to flee into their homes before being crushed—a miracle of audition and understanding for which Solomon thanked God profusely. It takes its name from the story of Solomon and the ant (naml), mentioned in verse 18 ff. The surah both opens and closes by describing the Quran as joyful news for the believers and a warning for others. It gives stories of past prophets and the destruction of the communities that disbelieved in them. Illustrations are given of the nature of God’s power, contrasted with the total lack of power of the “partners” they worship beside Him, and descriptions are given of the Day of Judgement for those who deny it.«

بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ

M. M. Ghali: In The Name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful.

طس ۚ تِلكَ آياتُ القُرآنِ وَكِتابٍ مُبينٍ

M. M. Ghali

Ta Sîn (These are the names of letters of the Arabic alphabet, and only Allah knows their meaning here).Those (Literally: that) are the ayat (Verses, signs) of the Qur'an and an Evident Book,