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Sura 20
Aya 134
وَلَو أَنّا أَهلَكناهُم بِعَذابٍ مِن قَبلِهِ لَقالوا رَبَّنا لَولا أَرسَلتَ إِلَينا رَسولًا فَنَتَّبِعَ آياتِكَ مِن قَبلِ أَن نَذِلَّ وَنَخزىٰ

Omar & Omar

Had We punished and destroyed them with a calamity before (the advent of) this (Prophet), they would have certainly said, `Our Lord! why did you not send a Messenger to us so that we might have followed your commandments before we were humiliated and disgraced?'