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Sura 18
Aya 22
سَيَقولونَ ثَلاثَةٌ رابِعُهُم كَلبُهُم وَيَقولونَ خَمسَةٌ سادِسُهُم كَلبُهُم رَجمًا بِالغَيبِ ۖ وَيَقولونَ سَبعَةٌ وَثامِنُهُم كَلبُهُم ۚ قُل رَبّي أَعلَمُ بِعِدَّتِهِم ما يَعلَمُهُم إِلّا قَليلٌ ۗ فَلا تُمارِ فيهِم إِلّا مِراءً ظاهِرًا وَلا تَستَفتِ فيهِم مِنهُم أَحَدًا

Bijan Moeinian

Some say they were three men with a dog. The others say they were five men with a dog. The others dare to guess (about what is a part of unknown) and say they were seven men with a dog. Let them know: “Apart a few, only God knows their number. Therefore do not west your time on debating (with the Jews and the Christians) about this subject (as the numbers of them is not irrelevant), unless they come up with an undeniable document.”