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Sura 17
Aya 70
۞ وَلَقَد كَرَّمنا بَني آدَمَ وَحَمَلناهُم فِي البَرِّ وَالبَحرِ وَرَزَقناهُم مِنَ الطَّيِّباتِ وَفَضَّلناهُم عَلىٰ كَثيرٍ مِمَّن خَلَقنا تَفضيلًا

Mir Aneesuddin

And We have honored the children of Adam, and We carry them on the land and in the sea, and We provide for them from the good things, and We have preferred them in excellence over many of those whom We have created. (R7)