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Sura 17
Aya 59
وَما مَنَعَنا أَن نُرسِلَ بِالآياتِ إِلّا أَن كَذَّبَ بِهَا الأَوَّلونَ ۚ وَآتَينا ثَمودَ النّاقَةَ مُبصِرَةً فَظَلَموا بِها ۚ وَما نُرسِلُ بِالآياتِ إِلّا تَخويفًا

Shabbir Ahmed

Nothing has changed Our Plan to send down this Final Revelation, even though the previous nations have often denied or distorted Our Verses. The most blatant example is of Thamud who violated the clear sign of their submission, and failed the crucial test by killing the she-camel. (7:73), (11:89), (26:141), (27:45). We continued to send Messages for mankind to establish the Order in which peace would replace fear.