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Sura 17
Aya 47
نَحنُ أَعلَمُ بِما يَستَمِعونَ بِهِ إِذ يَستَمِعونَ إِلَيكَ وَإِذ هُم نَجوىٰ إِذ يَقولُ الظّالِمونَ إِن تَتَّبِعونَ إِلّا رَجُلًا مَسحورًا


We do know the reason why they lend you their ears when they listen to you O Muhammad; they are reticent about their intention disclosed only in their secret counsel. They turn what they hear to ridicule albeit their nature or innermost being is attracted to the divine discourse. To keep their nobility and authority in the status quo, the wrongful of actions publicly declare, thus: "You people" they say, "only follow a man who has witchcraft in his lips and you foolishly hang on to them".