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Sura 16
Aya 71
وَاللَّهُ فَضَّلَ بَعضَكُم عَلىٰ بَعضٍ فِي الرِّزقِ ۚ فَمَا الَّذينَ فُضِّلوا بِرادّي رِزقِهِم عَلىٰ ما مَلَكَت أَيمانُهُم فَهُم فيهِ سَواءٌ ۚ أَفَبِنِعمَةِ اللَّهِ يَجحَدونَ

Ahmed & Samira

And God preferred/favoured some of you over some in the provision , so those who were preferred/favoured are not with returning their provision on (to) what their rights/oaths owned/possessed, so they are in it equal/alike . So are they with Gods' blessing/goodness disbelieving and denying ?