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Sura 15
Aya 24
وَلَقَد عَلِمنَا المُستَقدِمينَ مِنكُم وَلَقَد عَلِمنَا المُستَأخِرينَ

Yusuf Ali

To Us are known those of you who hasten forward, and those who lag behind.1
  • Cf. 9:100, where the Sabiqun may perhaps correspond to the Mustaqdimin where. In that case the two classes are those who are the first to accept Faith and do deeds of righteousness and those who come later, but are still numbered with the righteous. A second alternative meaning may be: “those who preceded you in point of time and those who come after you in point of time: they are all known to God, and He will gather them all together on the Day of Judgment.”