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Sura 11
Aya 43
قالَ سَآوي إِلىٰ جَبَلٍ يَعصِمُني مِنَ الماءِ ۚ قالَ لا عاصِمَ اليَومَ مِن أَمرِ اللَّهِ إِلّا مَن رَحِمَ ۚ وَحالَ بَينَهُمَا المَوجُ فَكانَ مِنَ المُغرَقينَ


He said: ‘(Instead of embarking on the Ark) I shall just now take shelter on some mountain. That will save me from the Deluge.’ Nuh (Noah) said: ‘None can save today from Allah’s punishment except someone to whom He (Allah) shows His Mercy.’ In the meanwhile, a (violent) wave came between both (father and son). So he was one of the drowned.