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Sura 11
Aya 3
وَأَنِ استَغفِروا رَبَّكُم ثُمَّ توبوا إِلَيهِ يُمَتِّعكُم مَتاعًا حَسَنًا إِلىٰ أَجَلٍ مُسَمًّى وَيُؤتِ كُلَّ ذي فَضلٍ فَضلَهُ ۖ وَإِن تَوَلَّوا فَإِنّي أَخافُ عَلَيكُم عَذابَ يَومٍ كَبيرٍ

Ali Unal

And that you ask your Lord for forgiveness (for the sins you have so far committed), then turn to Him repentant and sincerely, so that He may enable for you a good life for a term appointed, and bestow His grace and bounty more abundantly on whoever is more advanced in virtue and devotion. But if you turn away, then, surely I fear for you the punishment of a mighty Day.