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Sura 11
Aya 116
فَلَولا كانَ مِنَ القُرونِ مِن قَبلِكُم أُولو بَقِيَّةٍ يَنهَونَ عَنِ الفَسادِ فِي الأَرضِ إِلّا قَليلًا مِمَّن أَنجَينا مِنهُم ۗ وَاتَّبَعَ الَّذينَ ظَلَموا ما أُترِفوا فيهِ وَكانوا مُجرِمينَ

Ali Unal

If only there had been among the generations before you (of whom some We destroyed) people with lasting qualities (such as faith, knowledge, virtue, and good deeds, whose goal was what is lasting with God, the eternal life of the Hereafter, and) who would warn against disorder and corruption on earth! Among them only a few, included among those whom We saved, did this. But those who did wrong (against God by associating partners with Him, and against people by violating their rights) were lost in the pursuit of pleasures without scruples, and were criminals committed to accumulating sins.