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Sura 34
Aya 26
قُل يَجمَعُ بَينَنا رَبُّنا ثُمَّ يَفتَحُ بَينَنا بِالحَقِّ وَهُوَ الفَتّاحُ العَليمُ

Ali Unal

Say: “Our Lord will bring us all together, and then He will judge between us with truth and separate us. He is One Who judges between people with truth and separates them, the All-Knowing.”1
  • The manners in the verses 24, 25, and 26 are the manners to be preferred in communicating the truth to others. Although God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, clearly follows the right guidance, and he is certain of this, he is ordered to say, either we or you follow the right guidance or are in a manifest error, instead of we follow the right guidance and you are in a manifest error. In verse 25, he allows that, in the polytheists’ view, the believers may be people who are in the wrong, but he does not accuse the polytheists, whom he is addressing, of any sins. And, in verse 26, he refers the matter to God’s judgment.