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Sura 34
Aya 16
فَأَعرَضوا فَأَرسَلنا عَلَيهِم سَيلَ العَرِمِ وَبَدَّلناهُم بِجَنَّتَيهِم جَنَّتَينِ ذَواتَي أُكُلٍ خَمطٍ وَأَثلٍ وَشَيءٍ مِن سِدرٍ قَليلٍ

Ahmed & Samira

So they opposed/objected so We sent on (to) them the dam's/strong rain's flowage/flood/torrent, and We exchanged/replaced them with their two treed gardens two treed gardens with of (B) sour and bitter/weak crop and inedible food/fruits, and a thing from little sedre/lote-tree.