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Sura 33
Aya 7
وَإِذ أَخَذنا مِنَ النَّبِيّينَ ميثاقَهُم وَمِنكَ وَمِن نوحٍ وَإِبراهيمَ وَموسىٰ وَعيسَى ابنِ مَريَمَ ۖ وَأَخَذنا مِنهُم ميثاقًا غَليظًا

M. M. Ghali

And as We took from the Prophets their Compact and from you and from Nûh, and Ibrahîm, and Mûsa, and Isa son of Maryam. (Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus of Mary respectively) And We took from them a solemn compact.