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Sura 33
Aya 69
يا أَيُّهَا الَّذينَ آمَنوا لا تَكونوا كَالَّذينَ آذَوا موسىٰ فَبَرَّأَهُ اللَّهُ مِمّا قالوا ۚ وَكانَ عِندَ اللَّهِ وَجيهًا

Muhammad Asad

O YOU who have attained to faith! Be not like those [children of Israel] who gave offence to Moses, and [remember that] God showed him to be innocent of whatever they alleged [against him or demanded of him]:1 for of great honour was he in the sight of God.
  • This is an allusion to the aspersions occasionally cast upon Moses by some of his followers and mentioned in the Old Testament (e.g., Numbers xii, 1-13), as well as to the blasphemous demands of which the Qur'an speaks - e.g., "O Moses, indeed we shall not believe thee until we see God face to face" (2:55) or. "Go forth, thou and thy Sustainer, and fight, both of you!" (5:24). These instances are paralleled here with the frequently cited accusations that Muhammad had "invented" the Qur'an and then falsely attributed it to God, that he was a madman, and so forth. as well as with frivolous demands to prove his prophethood by bringing about miracles or - as is restated in verse 63 of this surah - by predicting the date of the Last Hour.