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Sura 3
Aya 75
۞ وَمِن أَهلِ الكِتابِ مَن إِن تَأمَنهُ بِقِنطارٍ يُؤَدِّهِ إِلَيكَ وَمِنهُم مَن إِن تَأمَنهُ بِدينارٍ لا يُؤَدِّهِ إِلَيكَ إِلّا ما دُمتَ عَلَيهِ قائِمًا ۗ ذٰلِكَ بِأَنَّهُم قالوا لَيسَ عَلَينا فِي الأُمِّيّينَ سَبيلٌ وَيَقولونَ عَلَى اللَّهِ الكَذِبَ وَهُم يَعلَمونَ

Omar & Omar

And among the people of the Scripture there is he if you trust him with a huge treasure he will surrender it to you; yet there is another among them that if you entrust him with a single dinâr he will not surrender it to you unless you keep on pressing him. They do that because they say, `We are not liable to be called to account in the matter of the unlettered (- not of Jewish race),' and they tell a lie in the name of Allâh deliberately.