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Sura 10
Aya 45
وَيَومَ يَحشُرُهُم كَأَن لَم يَلبَثوا إِلّا ساعَةً مِنَ النَّهارِ يَتَعارَفونَ بَينَهُم ۚ قَد خَسِرَ الَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِلِقاءِ اللَّهِ وَما كانوا مُهتَدينَ

Shabbir Ahmed

On the Day when He will gather them, they will think as if they lived in this world for one hour of the day. Others will think it was a day or a few days (20:103-104). They will recognize one another as they did yesterday. Lost are those who used to deny that they were destined to meet Allah, face His Law of Requital, and thus remained unguided.